Why Hive?

A hive embodies a perfect living space. It is compact, comfortable, and complete - a place where playfulness, productivity and dynamism go hand in hand. Allow us to care for you with inspiration from nature’s genius craftsmanship.

Hive Hotel & Convention Place in Quezon City is a stunning mix of nostalgic allure and modern functionality - a retro retreat, ideal for work, rest and play. Every corner is bustling with energy. Every floor is oozing with a refreshing dose of character. At the Hive Hotel, we revolutionized the standard for an eclectic experience combined with sustainable comfort and urban hospitality. Our guests can expect an extraordinary hotel experience at value for money.

Everything in the Hive Hotel and Convention Place is created with equal amounts of love and imagination. A wonderful experience is waiting for you…allow yourself to experience the Hive hospitality.

Our Story

A passion for people, an imaginative sense of fun, a desire for nurturing the environment- these are the elements that paved the way for the birth of Hive Hotel & Convention Place in Quezon City. Owners Atty. Boy and Gigi Vinzon combined their innovative spirit and their commitment to providing sustainable accommodations to create a refreshing hotel experience for guests with modern needs. Their vision resulted to a distinctive modern retro hotel that promises an unforgettable stay while ensuring value for money.

The people of the Hive Hotel are held together by the common love for all things unpretentious and heartfelt. Our dedication to service is reflected in the thoughtful details that we incorporate in all the things we do. The story we started at our flagship property, The Cocoon Boutique Hotel, will continue at Hive. We promise one-of-a-kind Filipino hospitality that meets global standards.

Our Emblem

Inside our walls, contrasting touches of design, color and theme. In Hive Hotel & Convention Place in Quezon City, you will find a strong sense of harmony and consonance.

Our emblem, depicted by a spiral metal design, is a representation of all the things that we are trying to balance. The Hive Hotel is nostalgic yet refreshing, sophisticated yet warm, familiar yet surprising. The symmetric nature of our emblem represents the creatively functional construction of the honeycomb, our model in designing a space-efficient hotel. The orange and gray colors represent the vibrant but calming atmosphere that we are trying to maintain. It is the combination of a colorful retro era and the simplicity of modern elegance.

The same spiral metal emblem is the representation of growth in our commitment to environmentally sustainable comforts. Our guiding principles of responsibility continue to move and expand as we lovingly spread our message about consciously caring for the environment.

All these concepts converge and come to life inside the Hive Hotel. It is the embodiment of our dedication to providing an out-of-the-box hotel experience combined with Filipino hospitality.

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